The Emissary of Light

"the emissary of light", the latest crossover between ChenMan and Canon EOS is coming this summer. She has named it "the emissary of light" as a gift for girls who love photography. In her eyes, every photographer, especially girls are "the emissary of light" who capture the moment of light and pass the beautiful energy onto others.

Canon x Chen Man Limited Edition Camera Bag with Handwritten Calligraphy

For the third time designing camera cases and bags for Canon, Chen Man is invited to share her beautiful Chinese calligraphy skills to name this new camera bag for EOS100D ‘Gold of Black’, symbolizing the Yin and Yang of the universe, where the touch of gold on the black canvas signifies the scarcity of time. ‘Whatever you need, whatever you have’ is Chen Man’s message embedded in this large camera bag design, it gives the traveler greater capacity for personal belongings and photography accessories to explore the bigger world with.

Canon x Chen Man Limited Edition Camera Bag

The new collaboration between Canon and Chen Man is for the limited edition EOS100D and EOS700D couple’s camera bags. The two bags designed by visual artist Chen Man are especially dedicated to couples who are both photography enthusiasts. Aside from designing, Chen Man also created the concept and shot the campaign for these camera bag designs.

Canon x Chen Man Rainbow Speed Camera Bag

Rainbow Speed Camera Bag for the limited edition white EOS100D is designed and photographed by visual artist Chen Man. This limited edition camera bag is especially designed for girls who love to use SLRs. It was sold out in a week, even before the official press event started.

M.A.C x Chen Man Crossover Campaign

Being the first ever visual artist to crossover and design product packaging for M.A.C Cosmetics, Chen Man showed her design techniques and personally directed the video for this global limited edition product line named ‘Love and Water.’ The video won the Bronze Pencil Award at the 2013 One Show Award festival.

Absolut Vodka China Limited Edition Poster, 2010

Absolut Vodka China Limited Edition Poster, 2010

Beats x Chen Man 2014

The American sound and audio technology brand Beats invited Chen Man to design a limited edition headphone for the Chinese Lunar year of Goat. The artist used golden Chinese calligraphy and named it 'We are Young', phonetically similar to Chinese character for 'Future' and 'Goat'.

Chen Man’s Calligraphy design for Muji, 2014